November TV Favorites

November is already upon us friends, what the hell is going on, time is flying so fast and before you know it the New Year will be here! This past month was quite lazy for me, I have been feeling as I mentioned before so overwhelmed with everything that November was rather drab. I caught up on reading a lot, literally immersing myself and I will mention the books as a fave below, plus I want to prove to you guys that I just don’t watch TV all day because I swear I do other things! I just have a really on point schedule with my shows and my husband is worse than me and he pushes me to finish and binge watch. Yes, I just totally did that female thing and blamed him (haha). How were your holidays? Do tell! And for everyone else around the world, I commend you for saving the lives of so many turkeys out there.

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Resurrection: Season 2 (ABC)
Not sure if anyone else out there is watching this show, so if you are I would love to discuss. I also hope that other people are watching because I do not want this to get cancelled. I need to know how it all ends. A quick synopsis if you don’t know, this show is centered on the town of Arcadia, Missouri, where people who were once dead, have returned home. They seem to be alive and well, they know who they are and how they died, but why they have returned they do not know. Can you imagine a dead ex-gf who killed herself coming back to town? Umm hello, mood spoiler for your current gf and yes that happened on the show. What about that annoying brother or mother in your life who always nagged at you, yup they come back too.


Season 2 is focused again on going even deeper into the “returned,” some town’s folk hate these returned people and think they are part of an evil scheme and some are very content with their new found family members and friends. The problem this season is that the returned are getting oddly sick. The main character Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley), is the town doctor and is trying to investigate what is going on with these people, and is very sympathetic towards them and their plight. Agent Bellamy (Omar Epps) is also charged with figuring out what to do with these returned individuals and we are finding out he has many secrets of his own. The doctor’s father and town sheriff, Fred Langston (Matt Craven), is also on the case and has many issues because not only has his mother returned, but also the wife who was cheating on him. So much is going on with different families and it is pretty fun to watch. There are many familiar actors on here like Frances Fisher, Kurtwood Smith (that 70’s show dad), Michelle Fairley (Stark momma), and they add a good mix to the show. This is no HBO created drama, but it is nonetheless entertaining.  If you get a chance you can catch season 1 on Netflix right now.


I think I like this version… haha.


Top Chef: Season 12 – Boston (Bravo)
Anyone that reads my blog knows I love my Bravo shows. Please Andy Cohen let me work for you! My dream would be to be on his Watch What Happens Live show and dish about all current events, gossip and talk about bitchy stuff and hot guys because that is just the kind of stuff I love. Anyhow, I have been a fan of the Top Chef series since the beginning; in fact one of my favorite lines ever came from Season 1, when Dave Martin yelled at Tiffany Faison and said, “I’m not your bitch, BITCH.” There are so many days I want to say that to people (haha).


Season 12 brings our contestants to Boston and again we have the same competitions as usual, but this time around I feel that the judges are much meaner. Instead of talking behind their backs about the food, I noticed that they are giving the chef feedback as they eat the food in front of them. This week was actually their infamous restaurant wars episode, which always brings people down and sometimes the best of the best get cut on this round. So far the chefs this season are entertaining and seem like a good group, but honestly not some of the best I have seen. Some seasons have given us chefs like Richard Blais and the Voltaggio brothers, who really just blew everyone away, this round we have a few contenders, but no one that seems absolutely phenomenal. I do like Katsuji Tanabe so far, he is kooky and says weird stuff, I am sure he will be in the running for fan favorite this year. I love Tom Colicchio and his comments and Padma Lakshmi is so sexy and dresses on point and cute, I love seeing her outfits (gosh I am so superficial). Regardless, I am addicted to this crap, so yeah that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

tumblr_nenfuuGnP21u1cgf9o1_1280  tumblr_nfd4p6plD41rz832fo1_1280

Game of Thrones Book Series
I spent a lot of time catching up with my reading as I mentioned ealier; I really have been doing more reading than ever. I am now on book 4 of the Game of Thrones series and I can’t wait to be totally caught up when it starts next year.

tumblr_nc1uvlzmz31tm3c08o1_250  got-boxset

Oh yeah, I will finally know all the deets and I have to say if you haven’t read these books, boy does the show do them justice. I felt just as emotional reading all the crazy stuff that happened in seasons 3 and 4, I felt like I was reliving that entire trauma. If you are in the mood for a new series and a fan of the show, then you should give this a shot, but you will have to commit to reading because it’s a lot of books!  I have to give a shout out to Zoe, who inspired me earlier in the year when I first started reading her blog to get back into enjoying books. I know she has done the same for Eric, so we must commend her for being so freakin’ inspirational (damn you Zoe now I have no life!).


Other shows I loved in November, but I feel I have already mentioned them are:
Homeland: Season 4 (Showtime)
AHS: Freak Show (FX)
Sons of Anarchy: Final Season (FX)

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October TV Favorites

It is already almost the end of October, so please excuse the lateness. I actually wrote this a while ago and it has been sitting here not getting posted, what the hell! I have been procrastinating a lot lately and feeling really bogged down with work, so much that writing for fun has been proving difficult. I have probably seen in the past two weeks, seen a good 10-12 movies. Now the problem is I am having writer’s block in getting anything written, do you guys ever feel like this? What do you do get yourself on a good writing schedule? Tips would be appreciated. I also have so much catching up to do on your guys’ blogs too, so please forgive! Ok I put it out there and admitted my inadequacies (insert sad face here). Moving on here are the shows that I loved for the month of October.

The Affair: Season 1 (Showtime)
I have been loving this new series on Showtime, it is both a romance story and thrilling drama in one. The show centers about writer Noah Solloway (Dominic West), he has three kids and a wife, who live a bustling busy life in New York City. As many New Yorkers are accustomed to doing, they leave for the summer to Montauk to get away from the city and to stay with his wife’s family. Her family is beyond wealthy and  infamous in town. Her father Bruce (John Dorman) is a very accomplished writer, he has sold millions of books and of course this only adds to some frustrations between Noah and him. If you are a fan of The Wire, then you will be excited to see McNulty and his old boss Rawls, back in action, battling with one another. In town he meets Alison (Ruth Wilson), a local woman who works in the town restaurant and is married to Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson). His family also has a legacy in town, as they have a ranch that has been in the family for many years. Noah and Alison launch into a steamy relationship, as the title states and with every episode we get two viewpoints of their love affair. From his perspective, we see Alison as flirty and sexy and in hers, she is much more reserved and sees him as a bit sex starved and anxious to rip her clothes off.

Episode 101

Under this town lies deep seated secrets and relationships and that is what is at the core of the story. A local accident or murder takes place and everyone is being questioned. At this point in the show, the audience does not know who the victim is or what exactly happened. Slowly the story is coming together and I have to say it is pretty exciting to watch. If you like love stories mixed with crime drama, then you will enjoy this show. Also Wilson And West are great in this show and if you are a fan of either, you will like seeing them in these roles.

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 7 (FX)
After seven seasons, Sons of Anarchy is soon coming to an end. This has seriously been one of the best seasons ever! Not all final seasons are ever that great, sometimes they are bit underwhelming as if the show has run out of ideas, but not with SOA. Kurt Sutter has been pushing the envelope week by week and keeping audiences on the edge of their seat. The final season has focused primarily on the culmination of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), who he is as a person, how he has matured and grown over the series and who he now is as a man. How he deals with problems in his personal life and the club are at the heart of the matter and primarily his relationship with his mother, Gemma (Katey Segal). If you are a fan of the show and you are up to date with the series, then you will know how exciting it has been. I don’t want to give out too much, but I will say if you have not see this show, do yourself a favor and binge watch it because you will not be disappointed at the end.


Boardwalk Empire: Season 5 (HBO)
This last season just ended and it was also the series finale for the show itself. I have to be honest, I do not think this show was ready to end, unlike SOA which timing wise feels right, but with Boardwalk, I feel that it could have had another 2 seasons to finish telling the complete story. To date, Boardwalk has never disappointed, it has to be one of the best shows in my opinion ever created. One of the primary reasons I love it, is because it has Martin Scorsese’s touch. The writing is exceptional, every scene flows into the next and the cinematography is beautiful. Rarely do I say that about television shows, but every shot is executed perfectly and arranged in a way that the symmetry and composition of the frame is on point. It is obvious that meticulous precision goes into the camera shots. The costumes are gorgeous and only add to the exacting of the show.

tumblr_ne4jule5fe1rwwhf1o1_250  tumblr_ne4jule5fe1rwwhf1o2_r1_250

This final season flew by quick and gave us a look into Nucky Thompson’s (Steve Buscemi) past and how he grew up and came to the point in his life where he is in the present. Again, I don’t want to give away too much here, because if you haven’t seen the show, but plan on watching it I don’t want to ruin anything. What I will say is that in this final season, we see how the main characters all end up, so I can tell you that every story is finished and shown, including Nucky, Capone, Chalky White, Van Alden, Eli, Gillian and Margaret. Also because the show is tied into historical events and people, we see the culmination of Al Capone’s ruthless career and how he got caught, the status of prohibition, trade with Cuba, Joe Kennedy’s rise to power and the stock market crash. I love that the show highlights and weaves historical moments with the narrative of the main characters and everything blends together seamlessly. Regardless, this was a great season and I have to admit the ending was a bit disappointing and felt rushed, but overall the show is fantastic, so if you haven’t seen it you should give it a shot.

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Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 13: Charming Is Not For Lovers

Sons of Anarchy
Season Finale
Season 6, Episode 13


Seriously, are all us Sons of Anarchy fans just dying and reeling over last night’s episode. Another show, that has managed to upset and disgust me with the world out there. That’s how deeply I get involved watching shows. All my friends have been texting and emailing over what happened. We are all pretty much in shock still.

The season finale, “A Mother’s Work”, started off with finishing the story arc of Tara and her issue of whether or not to give up information to the DA in return for immunity her and the boys. Jax learned of what was going down and had her followed.

The boys played on the playground, while Jax came out of nowhere and sat on the park bench with her. What ensued was dramatic and heartfelt.


We see that regardless of all the bull crap that has happened in their lives, they both love each other and I think he knew she was doing this all not to be against him, but to save their boys. She tells him to just let her say goodbye to the kids and not to hurt her in front of them, tears rolling down her face.

The shocker here is that Jax tells her he’s not going to hurt her, but instead he is going to give himself up to save Tara and the boys. Just like Tara said, Jax agrees, that the boys do not deserve this life and he does not want them to end up down the road he has gone, one filled with violence and despair.

In a shocking turn the DA agrees, he tells the clubhouse and passes the torch to good ol’ Lord of the Rings, Gimli, look-alike, Bobby. Everyone hugs and says goodbye while the boys play with their favorite motorcycle club babysitters.


Last week, Juice confessed to killing the drug addict girlfriend of Nero’s cousin to none other than Nero. This tells him that Jax lied to his face and now he is beginning to question his loyalty to the Sons.

Juice gives Jax a goodbye hug, to which Jax says, “You betrayed me.” Juicy is no fool and he knows this spells out his death, a betrayal against the club doesn’t keep anyone alive for long.

Nero disappointed and plotting his next move, dumps Gemma. She says to him, “You’re dumping me,” in total disbelief. She consoles herself with weed and booze and she finds out that Jax is going to jail.


She believes that Tara has sold him out and pretty much that’s it, there is no turning back she is pissed off. She threatens to take Unser’s car and he tries to stop her, but she takes off anyways.

What ensued next was mind blowing. Earlier in the show, we saw Gemma washing dishes; one side filled with dish water the other with dirty dishes. A significant scene, which foreshadowed what was to come later on.

Tara arrives home, FINALLY, with Eli as her escort. She sees Unser’s truck parked outside and assumed he was inside helping with something.

She had a look of happiness for a moment. A sense of relief that she was finally done running from the life she chose and that she could live in peace for once with her kids.

Eli walks outside and all hell breaks loose.

Gemma in a drugged out stupor, starts to bash Tara with an iron, then puts her head into the sink to suffocate her, all while grabbing a turkey fork and jabbing it into her skull and back. At this point, I think I almost threw up on myself, it was graphic and violent.

An out of control gesture that was not surprising coming from someone like Gemma. She is impulsive and self-destructive, yet the ultimate protector of her roost who is willing to do anything and I mean anything, for the sake of her family.

Juice and the cop go back inside after they hear screams. Gemma just keeps on saying, “It had to be done, it had to be done.”

Eli tell hers that she never ratted out Jax and that Jax gave himself up to save Tara. Gemma knows at this point she’s pretty screwed. He tries to call in the mess, when all of a sudden Juice shoots him in the back. Man down.


Juice helps by offering Gemma his hand and throws out the murder weapons. Oy vey!

Now the kitchen looks like a bloody mess. WTF, just happened. That’s all I kept saying as I jumped around my house.

Jax comes home to find the mess and sobs over her body and kisses her. Tears strolled down my face while my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I just kept thinking, Jax is literally the hottest widower ever. I know I am sick and twisted right?


What will happen next year? How will Jax reconcile and revenge the death of his beloved Tara? How will Gemma live with the fact that she killed her? Is Nero plotting something bigger than the club is ready to handle?

I can’t wait to find out!


Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 10: Sleep With One Eye Open

Sons of Anarchy Recap
Season 6, Episode 10


This week’s episode, “Huang Wu,” brought Tara closer to the edge. In the beginning we saw her as the smart, timid doctor who fell for the town’s hottie bad boy. I mean who can blame her, he’s hot, but all the red flags were waving around his head and she failed to see them. Now she is the step-mom to his first child, had a baby with him and has almost lost her job and life on numerous occasions.

Tara wants out as we have seen in previous episodes. Gemma has always been one to fight for her family at all costs, playing dirty at every corner. Now Tara has learned from the best on how to be the perfect old lady.

Jax realizes that she wants a divorce and the fact that he now knows the truth is looming over her head. She even goes so far as to run over Juice’s bike and she packs a mini-pistol in her purse for assurance because she is so afraid that they will take her out. She also tries to offer information to the DA, but she is turned down, the offer no longer stands.


We feel so bad for her, yet at the same time she did this to herself. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her and at times I find myself rooting for Gemma instead.

Meanwhile, the Italian leader wanted to meet with the SAMCRO and the Chinese to discuss the gun distribution ring slash business they have going. Galen interrupts by shooting down some of the Chinese, insisting that he had to make that type of a show in order to prove his point. The Irish were never going to go in business with the Chinese to begin with, this is very usual in the world of Jax Teller. Things always go wrong and people get shot.

Feeling down and destitute about Tara’s actions, his attempts at foiling the Irish, Jax turns to the brothel mistress for some extra special love. To which Tara walks in and finds them both. She shows him the gun and he knows she is a loose cannon at this point and can use it on him. She tells him, “You did this to me.”


Yes, Jax did do this to her, but like I said from the beginning she knew what she was getting herself into when she took on the role of his old lady.

Jax also makes the final deal with the DA, to deliver Galen in the next 48 hours. Will he be able to do this or is there something going on behind his back that will not allow this to happen?

Henry Lin, head of the Chinese comes back for revenge and ends up making a deal with SAMCRO. They want to be present at the Galen’s next drop off. He takes Happy as insurance, who honestly couldn’t be happier chained to a rod, eating Chinese food and watching cartoons. LOL.


The show ends with a shot of Jax fixing his bike with a baby monitor next to him. Not only is he a powerful, manly man biker, he is also the father who has to watch over his family. He has obligations to both sides of his world; the problem is choosing which one is more important.


Neither Here, Nor There: Sons of Anarchy

Does anyone truly care about The Sons of Anarchy and where it’s headed next?? Does the show still muster enough of a fascination with this motorcycle club that tends to get mixed into anything and everything? The answer seems to be “YES”, but why?!?


The show has lacked a truly great and /or interesting storyline since season 2 when we were all introduced to the skinhead version of Henry Rollins and what was a worthy adversary in the meth-distributing white supremacy group called the “The NORDS”, led by Ernest Darby. This was the last time I remember feeling that Charming was up for grabs.

The last time I felt “wait, maybe the club is done and is in over its’ head.” I’ve yet to experience those same feelings of doubt and excitement that season brought me. Now that’s all a distant memory.

I’ve arrived at a point where I really don’t care what happens or to whom it happens to on the show. At times it has seemed to drag on and it is continually in search of a dynamic storyline to give the show the proper kick in the ass it’s needed.

We’ve had the trip to Belfast, a stint in jail that wasn’t televised and one that ended in Opie’s death, dealings with the Mayans, the “One-Niners”, the IRA, and Clay’s ego at every end.


All twisted and enthralling to a certain extent, but never anything that made me go BEZERK or put me on the edge of my seat. Nothing that’s made me care or at least kept me that interested in these fictional characters that somehow just keep on ticking and ticking and ticking.

It just seems to always go in circles with Jax and his indecisiveness to leave the MC, Tara and her attempt to make a better life for her kids and Gemma, well, being Gemma. Maybe I’m being too harsh? Maybe I’m expecting way too much?


This is a world in which shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones exist. These shows punch you in the mouth with twists and turns at every corner and are filled with extraordinary characters.

Ones that you instantly fall in love with or hate with an indescribable passion. Think Walter White or the Lannisters.

But maybe that’s what Sons of Anarchy is, just a “filler” show that can sit there on my DVR for when I’m done watching “quality” shows. Therefore, maybe I am being too harsh and have expected way too much.

Maybe, just maybe I should just shut up and watch. I might just get that punch in my mouth that I was hoping for!


Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 9: Denmark is Rotting

Sons of Anarchy: Episode 9


Last night’s episode, “John 8:32,” quickly brought Gemma’s goal of Jax finding out the truth about Tara to fruition. Last week Tara killed her fake baby by putting a ketchup slash corn syrup bag a la’ True Blood between her legs and accused Gemma of killing their unborn child. She used Wendy, her lawyer and the doctor as allies in setting up the paperwork and putting the scam in motion.

Gemma told Nero the truth and he tried to tell Jax, who would hear nothing of it. A fight ensued at the brothel and son and bf duked it out over her.

 Unser, the loving, no pension holding, trailer living, ex-sheriff, kindly lures Tara’s lawyer into his lair where she is greeted by an angry Jax. He easily gets the truth out of her and really this woman didn’t even back up Tara for a second. What a B! He finds out that it was all a lie and Tara is planning for a divorce.
Now that Jax knows the truth, what will he do? What will become of Tara? He has always loved Tara, she is his Old Lady, but can he forgive her for this betrayal?

On another note, Clay totally bites the nose of a guard in prison during the “sweet holy pussy” sermon. WTF, ok that was disgusting, but Clay is up to something with the Irish and I don’t think it will end well with the Sons.

Jax also made a deal with DA Patterson, the braided heroine who carries a big stick, about turning over Galen in exchange for immunity. He has to deliver or else it’s his head on the chopping block.


Few episodes remain and we have a lot of rounding out of stories to finish out. Either Sutter will allow Jax to live happily ever after or the story will remain a tragedy just as the Shakespearean story it is modeled after. To be or not to be that is the question?