Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: The Fatherless Children

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 10

This week’s season finale of Game of Thrones, “The Children,” finally and sadly brought us to the end of our beloved show. As I mentioned to Anna last week, what in the world will us GOT fans do for the rest of the year as we wait. For now, I am busy trying to read the books and catch up with the show. I must say I am already not liking Catelyn Stark, I have a newfound dislike for her after reading more about her and the way she behaves, I am just not into it. Back to the recap at hand, last night’s episode gave us a little bit of everything and everyone and sort of closed up loose ends on our fave characters.


I have heard that some of the events on the show were not in the books, like the Brienne and Hound scene, which left a sour taste in my mouth. Also, there was no explanation on the children of the forest, some type of background on that would have been nice, as I hear they have some interesting stories in the books. Part of what I like about this show is that much of it has remained true to the books and perhaps that is what many fans enjoy about this show, seeing the pages of books come alive on screen. I don’t know if this is because I watch the show with someone who is deeply tied to the books, so I get some of his biasness when I watch, but I believe the show producers will ultimately remain true to the story that was originally presented.

Regardless of the book issues, I did enjoy the episode, I was on the edge of my seat and I think we were left with a lot of loose ends that hopefully will start to be tied up or revealed next season. This show may have its’ flaws (so very few), but honestly there is nothing like this out there on TV. I applaud George R.R. Martin and the people at HBO for giving us a story like nothing we have ever seen before. There is nothing comparable that inspires this many people all over the world to come together and discuss an episode of a show, fans unite, reel in sadness, but this show always keeps us on our toes. Wanting more and more and never getting enough.

Let’s gather my friends, like the boys on the wall, stand together, united and talk about what went down.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season Finale, Season 4, Episode 16: Terminus is for Lovers

Season 4, Episode 16
***Spoiler Alert

The season finale, “A,” what all TWD fans have been waiting for finally came this past Sunday. The episode was watched by over 15.7 Million viewers, needless to say everyone was anticipating what was going to happen and I think it is awesome that a show like this can garner so many viewers.

The show started with a flashback to when Herschel and Rick were at the prison and this scene gets inserted a few times throughout the show. The talks revolve around Herschel telling Rick to teach his son to farm, to hold back from going out to search for supplies and to stay and enjoy quality time with Karl. In the usual wisdom of Herschel he teells him that if he teaches his son to farm, then one day Karl can teach his son as well. In this type of society, the opportunities for fathers to teach their sons valuable lessons has been destroyed.


Although I believe that Rick has taught Karl other lessons about survival, that have nothing to do with being a child, like how to shoot a weapon, kill a person or walker and how to be tough even when you are on the brink of having an emotional breakdown.

Upon walking down the road, they stop for the night to rest and then Daryl’s team of marauders show up and find them, but Daryl himself is nowhere to be found. If you remember from last week, the leader of the gang said he was about to find Rick, the man who strangled his friend.

tumblr_n3a4d1UR7X1tny38qo2_250  tumblr_n3a4d1UR7X1tny38qo1_250

This is when everything starts to crazy, all the guys point guns at Rick, Michonne and one of them grabs Karl and threatens to kill him. Then Daryl shows up and tells them that they are good people, but they don’t believe him and they literally kick the living daylights out of Daryl. WHAT?!

Rick’s survival instincts kick in and he bites the leader on his neck, yes just like Bill Compton, he bites him in the jugular and kills him. Michonne manages to kill her attacker and Daryl does the same and eventually the pack of crazy people are dead.


Daryl is back with his OG group and now they are a true force to be recockend with, although Rick is a bit shell shocked over everything that happened. As is Karl, who just wants to stay as far away from him as possible.

Off they go to Terminus, this group is the first that sounded apprehensivev about going. They load up the guns from the bad guys and throughout the epsidoe Michonne keeeps on mentioning all the bad camps she has run into along the way. Foreshadowing much?

They finally get to Terminus and they peak through the fence and jump over to check it out. They hide their extra guns in a hole and basically that was a way of telling us I am sure that they will go back for them!


Inside Terminus it seems at first pretty quiet and upon entering a warehouse they see everyone painting posters for Terminus. Is it just me or does this place look like the prison set just painted differently?

Everyone seems friendly and nice and they put their weapons down and expalin who they are and that Terminus is a safe place of refuge. Hmmm, who said that last time? Oh yeah the GOVERNER!


They kindly hand back their weapons and even graciously give Michonne her sword back. They tell them that they will fix them a plate and the creepy lady outside is grillin up some goodies. All of a sudden Rick notices something different, one of the guys has Glenn’s pocket watch.


Another has Daryl and Maggie’s poncho! OMG the freaking poncho, everyone wants that hot item, I hear it is the biggest trend in zombie apocolypse gear.

tumblr_n3bvyvPXjO1tsirhso1_500 PONCHO selfie! #poncho

This is when everything goes out of control, shots are fired, yet they miss every single time. As they are running through Terminus, we see a room filled with candles. Ok this is weird. Then a room full of what appears to be animal carcasses. Ok that is really weird too.

terminus-church  tumblr_n3br11Grub1qi0armo1_500

But they keep running past all of this and finally have to surrender because they threaten them with killing Karl. They aim directly at him and then tell everyone to get into a storage container.


What?? Yes get into the storage container he tells them. When they step in they see a carton for powdered milk. Once inside, guess what… SPOILER alert… the gang is inside. Reunited and it feels so good.


So we know that Carol and Tyreese are most likely on their way. Hopefully they see that Terminus is not what it is and we will find out what the hell is reaally going on in there.

Theories anyone, theories, Bueller?, Bueller?

I think that these peeople are cannibals who lure people to Terminus to eat them. Mabye they are a cult and they sacrifice people in order to save themselves and the world. Was the powdered milk a sign that they are feeding them to fatten them and eat them? What do you guys think?


I thought the finale was good and it finally picked up. Honestly this could have happened 3 episodes ago! I am alone in this? I hope that next season gets better and we start to see the fun loving action of killing zombies and people, that we viewers have grown to love. I also hope that we find out where Beth is and that she is ok, because Bethyl totally needs to happen and those Terminus jerks need to die.


Peace out Walking Dead, see you back in October 2014!




Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

True Detective is actually REALLY REALLY funny! No seriously guys, I have been scouring the web for funny stuff because that’s what I do best and really I wish there was a job in the newspaper for this because I would totally apply for it. Any who, here is my summary slash the top 10 things I realized after watching our favorite warm and fuzzy show, True Detective.

la-et-st-first-lady-michelle-obama-to-appear-o-001-thumbnail Me after finishing the show!

1. I bet if I drank this I totally would have understood what the hell Carcosa meant!


2.  How much time did we waste contemplating this show? We will never know that answer. imagessdfs

3. But I bet if Justin Beiber were on the show, he totally would’ve solved that sh*t in 95′, he’s totes smart.


4. Although Rust is an emotionless man, I still kept thinking….


5. And all the guys were like… especially IPC




6. Seriously did you guys notice Lorde’s guest appearance?


7. But like I kept thinking after the show who is going to mow Marty’s lawn now?

tumblr_n1ze8uPPzx1r7uxhho1_500 Check out Angie’s List great reviews!

8. The word “Flowers” is the best code word for sex. Yah Buddy! Bring on the flowers.

tumblr_n2a2tyYQJq1qz9qt7o1_500 Great for when your parents are in town.

9. It was all a façade they are all serious best friends in real life?! WTF. Now I am mad.

tumblr_n284p5Ixum1qc92svo1_500   tumblr_n289sas3Tc1snfylfo1_500 BFF’s Forever!!!!

10. But in the end the show was all about LOVE.

untitled  tumblr_n101egev9x1tsoz9lo1_500


HBO Minute: True Detective Recap, Season Finale

True Detective
Season 1, Episode 8
** Spoiler Alert


This past week was the last episode and finale of Season 1 of True Detective. The series was only 8 episodes with a definitive ending this year and next season will be a whole new story, similar to the format of American Horror Story. This reminds me of how the Twilight Zone used to do it back in the day. This format is gaining speed because it allows for creators and directors to draw in big names for just a few episodes, being that they don’t have to commit to a show forever. Television nowadays is just as good as movies and actors know if they want to be part of this TV revolution, they need to jump on it now because these shows garner so much attention. True Detective generated buzz like no other show in a long time, I haven’t seen such buzz since the beginnings of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Back to the recap at hand, I really took some time before writing because I kept thinking about it and replaying the show in my mind. On one hand I was a little let down, on another when I reasoned it, I chalk I up to the story was told and it ended. Nine times out ten people are disappointed with show’s finales (Lost and Dexter come to mind). It is very difficult for shows to live up to every expectation of every fan out there, but it is like reading a book, the story must come to an end, whether the audience likes it or not.


Given that fact, I believe that the finale was well crafted and brought the gist of the story to a full circle. I do believe that there were flaws to the story, but I am overlooking them, due to the fact that the show was exceptionally well and kept me wanting more every week.

The finale, “Form and Void,” brings us back to where we left off. Marty and Rust are back at it, as if no time has passed between them. It is obvious that together as detectives, they are fierce and smart.


Marty asks Rust why does the picture of the “spaghetti monster” have green ears, to which he tells him that it is due most likely to the fact that it was reminiscent of leaves. Marty sees something different though and he brings up an old picture of a house that been freshly painted green in the 90’s. Upon investigation, they find out from the woman that used to live there that the company that had painted her house was owned by the Childress family, aka the old sheriff who died and who was covering up the Marie Fontaneau case. What I didn’t like about this, was that if it was that easy, why didn’t they think of this before?

The lawnmower man with the etched face is Errol Childress, the Yellow King, the Spaghetti Monster, the man that is truly a scary freak and yet was right under not only the detectives noses, but ours, the viewers as well. To me, this means that evil lurks around every corner, to use that cliché, but it does, sometimes these types of people are who we least expect and there is no hiding from them, because they are in plain sight.


Marty tells one of the cops and tells him to trust him on this and that if he calls him to please answer because they may have the killer. To which he still believes it was Rust who did it and who is convincing Marty of something different.

We get a glimpse into the life of Errol and his sister. Together they live in the most disgusting, hoarder-rific house, next to a shed of where their father is kept, chained up, decaying and dead. Together the pair, touch each other and live like freaks in the woods. Ok now that was scary!


Upon arriving at the house, Rust and Marty, seem nervous and a sense of fearful anticipation is built up. Marty asks Rust, who is staring out into the wilderness, “you still seeing things.” Rust tells him this is it and he knows that this is the Carcosa. I love how this scene was put together, it truly feels like the actors sensed that this was the moment, what they had been chasing was here and they could feel it in their bones.

true-detective-finale-giffs  TrueDetective_FrightenedWoman-e1394130214804-16421_239x133

Marty goes up to the house and talks to the sister asking to use her phone. She refuses to let him in and Rust goes out looking for Errol. From Marty’s perspective, he gets into the house and we see in his eyes the disgust and horror at seeing this house of filth. He points a gun at the sister’s head to which she says, “it’s all around us, before you were born, after you die.” This seems like a metaphor for evil, for the entire show itself, even if they catch this killer, as the show has mentioned before, there will be others and this will never end. What has happened before, will happen again, watch the news and it is obvious that this is true.


From Rust’s perspective, we see him going around and deeper into the caverns of Errol’s world, filled with stick men, artifacts of people who have died, and a series of ins and outs that seem like a haunting maze, ending in a room that has a hole through the roof. Rust finally is seeing what he has been studying for decades, he is now face to face with the killer’s world and now the killer too. Errol comes up from behind and stabs Rust, pulling him upwards into the sky, as if serving him up as a sacrificial object, to which Rust head butts him to the point of making him dizzy.

1394465266-truedetectiveformandvoid  tumblr_n28nxmqLaH1qf228po1_250

Marty comes from behind, Errol puts an ax through his chest and Rust manages to shoot him dead. This was a really interesting scnee, they both lay bleeding and Marty holds Rust. The culmination of their hard work is at hand and they were willing to almost die for it.

The last act of the show is them at the hospital, they both live, but Rust says that he shouldn’t have made it. He tells Marty, that he felt his daughter and his father, as he was sinking into death, he had accepted it and let go, yet he didn’t die. Now he believes in God, in an afterlife, someone who for so long seemed to believe in nothing. In the darkness he felt comforted and love.

tumblr_n28zuf64IY1rjh2ymo5_250 tumblr_n28zuf64IY1rjh2ymo7_250

He sits there in his wheelchair, pontificating that he saw Errol before, and he missed it. That’s Rust and he is never going to change.

That is the gist of this show, there will always be a constant dichotomy between love and evil. The eternal fight that has been going on since the dawn of time and it will continue to go on, until the end of time.

The show left us with unanswered questions and a lot of questions as to why some issues were even brought up in the show. Yet it doesn’t matter, the show took us through twists and turns and ultimately led us to the killer being killed. The show took us along through the cat and mouse chase and we liked it, we can’t diss on the creators for doing that to us. Killers get executed in prison everyday, yet crime still exists. Errol paid for his crimes, he died and Marty and Rust will remain heroes, yet crime will continue to pervade society and I am sure that is where we will end up next season. It will be a new city, a new killer and heroes who will stand the test of time. The story like the underlining meaning of the show, will be told over and over again.



Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 13: Charming Is Not For Lovers

Sons of Anarchy
Season Finale
Season 6, Episode 13


Seriously, are all us Sons of Anarchy fans just dying and reeling over last night’s episode. Another show, that has managed to upset and disgust me with the world out there. That’s how deeply I get involved watching shows. All my friends have been texting and emailing over what happened. We are all pretty much in shock still.

The season finale, “A Mother’s Work”, started off with finishing the story arc of Tara and her issue of whether or not to give up information to the DA in return for immunity her and the boys. Jax learned of what was going down and had her followed.

The boys played on the playground, while Jax came out of nowhere and sat on the park bench with her. What ensued was dramatic and heartfelt.


We see that regardless of all the bull crap that has happened in their lives, they both love each other and I think he knew she was doing this all not to be against him, but to save their boys. She tells him to just let her say goodbye to the kids and not to hurt her in front of them, tears rolling down her face.

The shocker here is that Jax tells her he’s not going to hurt her, but instead he is going to give himself up to save Tara and the boys. Just like Tara said, Jax agrees, that the boys do not deserve this life and he does not want them to end up down the road he has gone, one filled with violence and despair.

In a shocking turn the DA agrees, he tells the clubhouse and passes the torch to good ol’ Lord of the Rings, Gimli, look-alike, Bobby. Everyone hugs and says goodbye while the boys play with their favorite motorcycle club babysitters.


Last week, Juice confessed to killing the drug addict girlfriend of Nero’s cousin to none other than Nero. This tells him that Jax lied to his face and now he is beginning to question his loyalty to the Sons.

Juice gives Jax a goodbye hug, to which Jax says, “You betrayed me.” Juicy is no fool and he knows this spells out his death, a betrayal against the club doesn’t keep anyone alive for long.

Nero disappointed and plotting his next move, dumps Gemma. She says to him, “You’re dumping me,” in total disbelief. She consoles herself with weed and booze and she finds out that Jax is going to jail.


She believes that Tara has sold him out and pretty much that’s it, there is no turning back she is pissed off. She threatens to take Unser’s car and he tries to stop her, but she takes off anyways.

What ensued next was mind blowing. Earlier in the show, we saw Gemma washing dishes; one side filled with dish water the other with dirty dishes. A significant scene, which foreshadowed what was to come later on.

Tara arrives home, FINALLY, with Eli as her escort. She sees Unser’s truck parked outside and assumed he was inside helping with something.

She had a look of happiness for a moment. A sense of relief that she was finally done running from the life she chose and that she could live in peace for once with her kids.

Eli walks outside and all hell breaks loose.

Gemma in a drugged out stupor, starts to bash Tara with an iron, then puts her head into the sink to suffocate her, all while grabbing a turkey fork and jabbing it into her skull and back. At this point, I think I almost threw up on myself, it was graphic and violent.

An out of control gesture that was not surprising coming from someone like Gemma. She is impulsive and self-destructive, yet the ultimate protector of her roost who is willing to do anything and I mean anything, for the sake of her family.

Juice and the cop go back inside after they hear screams. Gemma just keeps on saying, “It had to be done, it had to be done.”

Eli tell hers that she never ratted out Jax and that Jax gave himself up to save Tara. Gemma knows at this point she’s pretty screwed. He tries to call in the mess, when all of a sudden Juice shoots him in the back. Man down.


Juice helps by offering Gemma his hand and throws out the murder weapons. Oy vey!

Now the kitchen looks like a bloody mess. WTF, just happened. That’s all I kept saying as I jumped around my house.

Jax comes home to find the mess and sobs over her body and kisses her. Tears strolled down my face while my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I just kept thinking, Jax is literally the hottest widower ever. I know I am sick and twisted right?


What will happen next year? How will Jax reconcile and revenge the death of his beloved Tara? How will Gemma live with the fact that she killed her? Is Nero plotting something bigger than the club is ready to handle?

I can’t wait to find out!


Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 12: Daddy, You Bring Bad News

Boardwalk Empire Recap
Season 4, Episode 12

OMG last night’s episode, “Farewell Daddy Blues,” was bananas! The season finale was awesome to say the least and really we cannot expect anything less than perfect from this show. The writing is impeccable and can’t be matched; their ability to tell and weave so many stories into one episode each week can’t be beat.

Nucky finally came head to head with Eli and literally put a gun to his head, to which Willie interrupted and set that play awry. The question still remains would Nucky really have pulled the trigger or was it just a scare tactic? My feeling is that he would have killed him for having almost ambushed him.

Knox was obviously really pissed off when he realizes that the supposed meeting doesn’t take place. Eli was ready with a wire and the room was set up to listen in on them, but of course Nucky has his ways of finding everything out and he knew something wasn’t right.

IT seems as though Knox has issues with everyone, no one really believes in him or wants to see him succeed, or at least that is what his paranoid mind thinks. Hoover has issues with him, it’s almost as if he can’t stand him, but who can? The other agent thinks he’s off his rocker and asks him to turn in his weapon because he is unstable after discovering that Eli did not show up at the hotel room for the tap in as planned.

He proceeds to rectify the situation by going to Eli’s home, allowing himself in the house due to the fact that his wife believes he is an insurance salesman. This time around she senses that something isn’t right and asks Eli what the hell is going on.

Eli and Knox go head to head in one of the grittiest, well made fight scenes I have seen so far on this show. It was very Scorcese-esque (yeah I just made that word up), with lots of screaming, choking and fighting all wrapped up into one. Eli in a rage does the unthinkable and kills him.

I guess Knox didn’t realize he was dealing with real gangsters, that or he was just too presumptuous to think that they would never turn the tables on him.

With his tightly pursed mouth, every week he grew more annoying, but I have to say any actor who can make the viewer hate the character as much as we hated him shows us what a good job Brian Geraghty did with his portrayal.


Let’s move to Chalky land now, O M G, that’s all I can say about him and Narcisse coming head to head. Nucky makes a deal with Dr. Narcisse to allow Chalky to come and meet with him at the club, on the premise that he has information about Daughter Maitland.

Nucky calls in a favor to Richard Harrow, since he gave a tip to the police to the whereabouts of the body of Jimmy Darmondy. This leaves Gillian in jail and Harrow and his wife free to raise Tommy.

When Chalky and Dr. Narcisse sit down to speak, Narcisse says that he has leveled the playing field and he must tell him where Daughter Maitland is or his daughter, Maybelle, will be on the line as well. Harrow positions his gun, from the top, where he is acting as the sniper who will take down Narcisse, and in the moment of repositioning his fingers accidently shoots Chalky’s daughter. She comes into the scope’s view at the last second and she dies in awful death in front of Chalky’s eyes. Gasp, I really just started crying at this point.


In the middle of all this shots are fired and Harrow is shot. He makes it to a spot under the boardwalk, where he lays to dream and die. Seriously I was so sad at this point; he was my favorite character hands down.

Let’s get to Chicago now, Joe Torrio is corned and gun down, most likely by Al Capone who believed he was a conspirator in the shoot out that happened last week. Surprisingly, he lives and tells Capone that this gangster life is for the young and he is retiring and passing it on to him. In that moment, does Capone feel bad for what he did? I am sure he does not as he is the most ruthless thus far.

Agents know that Knox has been killed and are charging Eli with his death. Nucky, being that he still is his brother, shows his true colors and helps Eli go into hiding. Van Alden pulls up to pick him up, looks like he is going to Chicago!

In the end, we also see a scene of Margaret moving into her new rent free apartment with her kids, with Rothstein in tow with the new keys. Where will this relationship go?

Off his rocker, literally Chalky returns back to Oscar Boneau’s home and takes his space in the rocker he once sat in.

Throughout the whole episode, I felt like we were replacing the old with the new version. Chalky/Boneau, Nucky/Willie, Gillian/Julia and Torrio/Capone. This reformative nature of one person transforming into the new version, better than the last is what seems to be cropping up.

Now we will get to see how all of these worlds are going to collide and connect even more. What will happen with Chalky? How will he deal with his death? As for Willie, will he be of more assistance and delve deeper into the gangster world by Nucky’s side? There are so many questions left to be answered and if we know anything about Boardwalk Empire, we know that next year will be even better.

Richard-Harrow (pour one out for the homie Richard Harrow, RIP)