Update and June Favorites

Hello friends, I feel like I have been gone for so long. My last favorites post and movie review I did was in January (GEEZ) not counting the one I just posted the other day. I have had quite a lot of ups and downs recently, with my family, my mother’s health and my own health as well. For months, no one could diagnose what my mom had, they thought it was so many different things (scary things), saw so many doctors, had so many tests, was on disability and finally as of last week found out what she has and they can treat her (thank goodness). Going through that with her has left me really stressed out. I am okay too, I have had some issues that I am trying to get resolved and finally getting what I need to get better (woo hoo) as of last week. I have had zero energy to do much other go to work and come home and do the same thing all over again. I am finally starting to get back on the horse and get back to watching movies and doing what I love on here. But life happens and things are getting better and I am thankful for that. Ok that was pretty personal, but I wanted to share it because I know you guys won’t judge me.

Well I have still been watching my shows and wanted to share with you my favorites. Also, I’ll be going to Comic Con next week and I will be posting about my adventures and sharing some fun photos.

And here’s a picture of a cute puppy because he’s just too cute not to share.


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June TV Favorites

June brought to an end a lot of my favorite shows, like Game of Thrones and Orphan Black and in between the month there was a lull with nothing new and fun to watch. I try to catch up on shows all the time, so when there is nothing to watch it feels like I have to resort to things of yesteryear like reading, talking to people and going outside. OMG the craziness of that, can you guys imagine?! All kidding aside, there was a few things I was loving last month, let’s check it out.


1. Orange is the New Black, Season 2
If you haven’t binged watched it already, then you are probably not human. The minute this was released on Netflix, I polished it off in a few days. Much to my husband’s demise, he absolutely hated the show and said it was a show about prison made for chicks. To which I told him to just shut up and watch the show. Yes, he has a point, a lot of what happens on the show is intended I believe for women. I mean at one point, I think one of the inmates was reading The Fault in Our Stars. Sometimes being in prison there almost seems fun. LOL.

This season dove into the other inmates’ lives much more than Season 1. Piper’s story and her struggles almost played second fiddle to Red, Taystee and the new kid on the block Vee. I really enjoyed seeing Miss Rosa’s story come to life and how she ended up in jail and what a bad ass she used to be when she robbed banks. I have to say I missed seeing Alex Vause and her relationship with Piper, Alex is super sexy and manipulative and I wish they had given her more scenes. Overall, it was a pretty good season, not the best show out there, but definitely fun to watch.

Check out my review of Season 1

tumblr_n8dg2m6mIx1te2xz6o1_400  tumblr_n8dg2m6mIx1te2xz6o2_400

2. Ladies of London
If you know me, then you know I am a reality housewives addict. Bravo aired the new Ladies of London, which is essentially, the Real Housewives in London. Come on Bravo, don’t hide the fact that this is a housewives show. This time the cast is half Americans living in England and half real Brits and this is where the division and arguments ensue. I know it is mindless and stupid, but I love seeing the fashions and the cool little places in London that they go to when they hang out. In one episode, they go to a castle and you can just imagine all the improper things they did and said there. My fave housewife is definitely Caroline Stanbury, she is totes crazy and bitchy! Does anyone who lives in the UK, know who these women are? As in are they pseudo-celebrities over there?

tumblr_n7bf2lQf7z1qk08n1o2_250  tumblr_n7bf2lQf7z1qk08n1o1_250

3. The Goldbergs
I have mentioned it before I love, love The Goldbergs on ABC. I definitely am loving this show more than Modern Family, which in my opinion has gone downhill over this past year. At this point, every joke is the same on there and the family is a caricature of itself. I have been watching all the reruns of The Goldbergs when there is nothing to watch and I never regret re-watching an episode. The hijinks the family gets into is super funny and just watching the show brings back memories of the 80’s. From the furniture, to the toys they play with, think Rubik’s cube and Simon, and all the 80’s movies that are mentioned like Ghostbusters, Poltergeist and Star Wars, if you grew up in this era then it is bound to make you nostalgic.

tumblr_n052hj4Axd1qklq7jo1_400  tumblr_n052hj4Axd1qklq7jo2_400

That’s all for now folks, July brings with it lots of new shows. Here’s some OITNB pics that I thought were funny.

tumblr_n7hmbzEW7l1t2w0aoo1_1280  tumblr_n8dan8lQJu1suvv1to1_1280


May TV Favorites

May was a busy month for me, I had a lot going on, but I still managed to fit in a lot of movies and TV shows. If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you will know that I love my TV shows. I will usually give most shows a shot, even it is just one episode, so if it gets me excited to watch then you know it has to be somewhat good. The quality of today’s television shows has really been amped up and some of them are almost better than some of the movies that are out in theaters, so plenty of these shows are worth watching for that sake alone. This is what I did enjoy and I have to say it was a great TV month!


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Netflix Loving: Orange is the New Black


OK, OK I am totally late on this bandwagon. I didn’t have a Netflix subscription for a while because I had switched back to Blockbuster. Now that our local Blockbuster has been sent away to movie heaven I needed my rental fix. I started using the streaming Netflix option and have been watching random shows on my iPad.

Which by the way totally makes your neck hurt. Ouch I need to go to tablet physical therapy!

With my sister’s recommendation I started Orange is the New Black and OMG I was hooked. Every day I was rushing home from work to watch the next episode. Unfortunately I couldn’t do my normal binge watching sessions because I was watching via iPad like a nerd.

OITNB is the bomb.com because it gives the viewer a heartfelt, funny and seemingly realistic view of a life most of us know nothing about or really care to know. What makes the show even more titillating is that is based on the true story of Piper Kerman and her memoir of being locked up.


Life in prison has never sounded fun, appealing or something we would want to see as the setting for a rom com. Can you imagine The Notebook or When Harry met Sally in jail?

Regardless, the show delivers just that story line, a woman Piper Chapman, torn between two loves, one her lesbian ex gf Alex Vause and the other her normal, cute boyfriend, Larry Bloom. Who doesn’t love the guy (Jason Biggs) that stuck his thingy in an apple pie?!

We see her navigate prison life and the more I watch the more I want to know about her fellow inmates.  Red the fiercely protective cook, Nicky the former junkie, Miss Claudette and Scary Eyes just to name a few. I love the flashbacks when we see who they were before they donned the jailbird jumpsuit. They had promise, problems, and they made some wrong turns along the way. As Fischer the Rookie CO, tells Chapman, “we’re a lot alike, you just got caught.”

There is an underlying narrative to the story, that everyone has good to them just as much as they have bad. Should they be judged and pigeon holed for their mistakes? OITNB makes me sympathize with the prisoners and I feel for them and the mistakes they made in life.

My favorite storyline thus far is the CO Bennett and Daya love story. I want them to end up together, but will it happen? It seems highly doubtful, but we shall see how the story unfolds.

Taryn Manning does a wonderful job playing Pensatucky, the religious freak, ex meth head, with a hot temper. By far some she does some of the best acting on the show.


Looking forward to Season 2 and seeing what kind of trouble Chapman and gang get themselves into.