The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 16: When Chaos Erupts

Friends, TWD fans, we have finally come to an end with Season 5. This past season has taken us through many twists and turns. Some episodes were filled with blood and guts and some were filled with grief and sadness. We lost many of our good people this season too. I also realized this season that I think I like Rick more than Daryl now. Daryl is good, but Rick has become more complex and is no longer the good guy we always believed in.

As much as many of us rant and get annoyed with some of the episodes, I can admit that I still love this show. Regardless of what I am doing on Sundays, I will make time to watch this and that says something about it. Even if we watch it to pick it apart and make fun, it is still fun and better than many shows out there. I don’t there is something about this show that still reels me in like this one. What do you guys like the most about this series? Or have you completely given up on it?

Join Brian, Brad and I as we discuss what happened in the finale.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 15: Almost Exiled

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty exciting and fun to watch. I like when all hell breaks loose and our characters show their true colors. I have really been enjoying watching the change in Rick occur. Some people are either liking this or totally starting to hate Rick. The person who has always been the proverbial savior of this group. Now in Alexandria, he is almost becoming the pariah and someone they wouldn’t even consider as a leader anymore. I personally like seeing him become less of the good guy and the one to emulate. It’s time for him to show how this apocalypse has destroyed him and made him a different person. He has been through so much and still survived, but it has left him with many emotional scars that have not healed. Overall it was a good episode and there is only one left, so cheers to all for making it this far.

Brian and Brad have joined me again to discuss the episode.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 14: No One Is Safe

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty good. I know this is super late, I haven’t been at my desk or had time to write all week. I hate these kinds of weeks!!!! So things are heating up in Alexandria and it seems that they are on the verge of something crazy happening. Rick was busy scheming and it sounds like he is ready to pounce on Jessie and scoop her up. Carol is also ready to do some damage and it is obvious all of them are getting pretty bored there. Did you guys notice that Maggie has barely had scenes or lines so far? I wonder what is up with that? Maybe she is going to be killed off soon. My recap is a little different this time. I have interjected myself into Brad and Brian’s convo/rant about the show.

Let’s talk about the episode and discuss the details.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 8: Hostages and High Hopes

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 8

This past week, was the mid-season finale for our beloved zombie show. Now did it live up to everyone’s expectation and were we all blown away by the surprise ending? Overall, the season started off with a bang, it was fast paced and fun to watch them get out of Terminus, to find a new place and to see them off wandering again in search of supplies and resources. Finding Beth was at the forefront of every fan’s mind and we got to find out where she was being kept and we have seen her maturation come to fruition. She started off as a sheltered farm girl, progressed to Judith’s babysitter and after hanging out with Daryl for a while, she turned into a full-fledged take no prisoners bad ass.

Then slowly, the show started to dwindle down with too many fillers and the pace slowed down a bit. That has been my biggest gripe with the show, don’t get me wrong I am a total TWD fan and I will continue to watch this to the bitter end, but I really get annoyed by so many filler moments and how situations get dragged the hell out. Regardless of my little rant, I still enjoy watching, I just hope it picks back up and the pace gets heightened a bit more when the show comes back on in February.

Let’s get to the juicy bits, and no not Bob’s leftover leg and talk about what happened.

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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 7: Never Let Your Guard Down

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 7

In this past week’s episode, we finally got an episode that was not solely focused on one character. At times I don’t mind those episodes, especially when we really end up getting to the root of the character, but on the other hand watching everyone together is part of the magic of the show. This one gave us a look at all the characters and where each one stands at the present moment. I found this episode to be a bit lackluster and drawn out. At the end it did pick up a bit and I am excited for the next one, but considering it was one of the last episodes it was a let down.

Let’s discuss this little gem of an episode and break it down by location.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 6: Hot on the Hunt

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 6

This past week’s episode was another one solely focused on a few members of the gang. This time, we see where Carol and Daryl took off to and how Carol came to land in the hospital where Beth is currently located. The majority of the episode was the untangling and unearthing of what both Carol and Daryl  have become. Before they met, they were each different people, Carol an abused mother, and Daryl a low-level redneck with not much to his name. Now after everything they have been through, they have both matured in different ways, becoming stronger and more empowered and most importantly their self worth has grown.

At this point in the apocalypse we see that Carol has become hardened and doesn’t believe in God much anymore, let alone humanity. This struggle of believing in yourself and the goodness of other people was the basis of the episode. At times I felt this one was a bit slower, but I am sure that these types of episodes are strategically placed in order for us to see some character growth. Especially since Carol and Daryl are two of the most popular characters at the moment.

Let’s talk about what happened this week.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 5: Army of Abraham

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 5

Sorry guys I am a little late on my recap. This past week’s episode was another one focused on the character development of one part of the group, mainly Abraham and Eugene. Thus far, all we really know about them is that they have traveled from Houston to Georgia and are on their way to Washington, where they plan on delivering Eugene who has the cure for all that is ailing the world. From day one, we have all been seriously suspicious of Eugene, he doesn’t give much info about the cure and keeps on saying it is classified information. Abraham appears to be the type of guy we can trust, he doesn’t seem like someone who would just fight for anyone. Not many have really questioned them or tried to call their bluff, I mean would you? Abraham is a force to be reckoned with and has been so set on going to Washington and really the crew hasn’t had time to dissect their story with everything that has been happening. If you remember from the Bob episode, Glenn, Maggie and Tara agreed to travel with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita to Washington and agreed the rest would catch up to them later.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what happened.


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