Game of Thrones Recap: Top 9 Moments of Season 5, Episode 8: Hardhome

Episode 8 of Game of Thrones was fantastic! Bravo, one of the best episodes yet. Season 5 has not been my absolute favorite, but it redeemed itself with the Hardhome story. Characters are finally coming together and various stories are quickly unraveling.

I think the next final episodes are going to impress like no other and take the story to another level (at least I hope so).

Let’s jump right into the recap and discuss some of the best wtf and omg moments.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 8: Hostages and High Hopes

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 8

This past week, was the mid-season finale for our beloved zombie show. Now did it live up to everyone’s expectation and were we all blown away by the surprise ending? Overall, the season started off with a bang, it was fast paced and fun to watch them get out of Terminus, to find a new place and to see them off wandering again in search of supplies and resources. Finding Beth was at the forefront of every fan’s mind and we got to find out where she was being kept and we have seen her maturation come to fruition. She started off as a sheltered farm girl, progressed to Judith’s babysitter and after hanging out with Daryl for a while, she turned into a full-fledged take no prisoners bad ass.

Then slowly, the show started to dwindle down with too many fillers and the pace slowed down a bit. That has been my biggest gripe with the show, don’t get me wrong I am a total TWD fan and I will continue to watch this to the bitter end, but I really get annoyed by so many filler moments and how situations get dragged the hell out. Regardless of my little rant, I still enjoy watching, I just hope it picks back up and the pace gets heightened a bit more when the show comes back on in February.

Let’s get to the juicy bits, and no not Bob’s leftover leg and talk about what happened.

tumblr_nfylbybHEb1qbfcy6o4_250  tumblr_nfylbybHEb1qbfcy6o8_r1_250

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Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

True Detective is actually REALLY REALLY funny! No seriously guys, I have been scouring the web for funny stuff because that’s what I do best and really I wish there was a job in the newspaper for this because I would totally apply for it. Any who, here is my summary slash the top 10 things I realized after watching our favorite warm and fuzzy show, True Detective.

la-et-st-first-lady-michelle-obama-to-appear-o-001-thumbnail Me after finishing the show!

1. I bet if I drank this I totally would have understood what the hell Carcosa meant!


2.  How much time did we waste contemplating this show? We will never know that answer. imagessdfs

3. But I bet if Justin Beiber were on the show, he totally would’ve solved that sh*t in 95′, he’s totes smart.


4. Although Rust is an emotionless man, I still kept thinking….


5. And all the guys were like… especially IPC




6. Seriously did you guys notice Lorde’s guest appearance?


7. But like I kept thinking after the show who is going to mow Marty’s lawn now?

tumblr_n1ze8uPPzx1r7uxhho1_500 Check out Angie’s List great reviews!

8. The word “Flowers” is the best code word for sex. Yah Buddy! Bring on the flowers.

tumblr_n2a2tyYQJq1qz9qt7o1_500 Great for when your parents are in town.

9. It was all a façade they are all serious best friends in real life?! WTF. Now I am mad.

tumblr_n284p5Ixum1qc92svo1_500   tumblr_n289sas3Tc1snfylfo1_500 BFF’s Forever!!!!

10. But in the end the show was all about LOVE.

untitled  tumblr_n101egev9x1tsoz9lo1_500


HBO Minute: True Detective Recap, Season Finale

True Detective
Season 1, Episode 8
** Spoiler Alert


This past week was the last episode and finale of Season 1 of True Detective. The series was only 8 episodes with a definitive ending this year and next season will be a whole new story, similar to the format of American Horror Story. This reminds me of how the Twilight Zone used to do it back in the day. This format is gaining speed because it allows for creators and directors to draw in big names for just a few episodes, being that they don’t have to commit to a show forever. Television nowadays is just as good as movies and actors know if they want to be part of this TV revolution, they need to jump on it now because these shows garner so much attention. True Detective generated buzz like no other show in a long time, I haven’t seen such buzz since the beginnings of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Back to the recap at hand, I really took some time before writing because I kept thinking about it and replaying the show in my mind. On one hand I was a little let down, on another when I reasoned it, I chalk I up to the story was told and it ended. Nine times out ten people are disappointed with show’s finales (Lost and Dexter come to mind). It is very difficult for shows to live up to every expectation of every fan out there, but it is like reading a book, the story must come to an end, whether the audience likes it or not.


Given that fact, I believe that the finale was well crafted and brought the gist of the story to a full circle. I do believe that there were flaws to the story, but I am overlooking them, due to the fact that the show was exceptionally well and kept me wanting more every week.

The finale, “Form and Void,” brings us back to where we left off. Marty and Rust are back at it, as if no time has passed between them. It is obvious that together as detectives, they are fierce and smart.


Marty asks Rust why does the picture of the “spaghetti monster” have green ears, to which he tells him that it is due most likely to the fact that it was reminiscent of leaves. Marty sees something different though and he brings up an old picture of a house that been freshly painted green in the 90’s. Upon investigation, they find out from the woman that used to live there that the company that had painted her house was owned by the Childress family, aka the old sheriff who died and who was covering up the Marie Fontaneau case. What I didn’t like about this, was that if it was that easy, why didn’t they think of this before?

The lawnmower man with the etched face is Errol Childress, the Yellow King, the Spaghetti Monster, the man that is truly a scary freak and yet was right under not only the detectives noses, but ours, the viewers as well. To me, this means that evil lurks around every corner, to use that cliché, but it does, sometimes these types of people are who we least expect and there is no hiding from them, because they are in plain sight.


Marty tells one of the cops and tells him to trust him on this and that if he calls him to please answer because they may have the killer. To which he still believes it was Rust who did it and who is convincing Marty of something different.

We get a glimpse into the life of Errol and his sister. Together they live in the most disgusting, hoarder-rific house, next to a shed of where their father is kept, chained up, decaying and dead. Together the pair, touch each other and live like freaks in the woods. Ok now that was scary!


Upon arriving at the house, Rust and Marty, seem nervous and a sense of fearful anticipation is built up. Marty asks Rust, who is staring out into the wilderness, “you still seeing things.” Rust tells him this is it and he knows that this is the Carcosa. I love how this scene was put together, it truly feels like the actors sensed that this was the moment, what they had been chasing was here and they could feel it in their bones.

true-detective-finale-giffs  TrueDetective_FrightenedWoman-e1394130214804-16421_239x133

Marty goes up to the house and talks to the sister asking to use her phone. She refuses to let him in and Rust goes out looking for Errol. From Marty’s perspective, he gets into the house and we see in his eyes the disgust and horror at seeing this house of filth. He points a gun at the sister’s head to which she says, “it’s all around us, before you were born, after you die.” This seems like a metaphor for evil, for the entire show itself, even if they catch this killer, as the show has mentioned before, there will be others and this will never end. What has happened before, will happen again, watch the news and it is obvious that this is true.


From Rust’s perspective, we see him going around and deeper into the caverns of Errol’s world, filled with stick men, artifacts of people who have died, and a series of ins and outs that seem like a haunting maze, ending in a room that has a hole through the roof. Rust finally is seeing what he has been studying for decades, he is now face to face with the killer’s world and now the killer too. Errol comes up from behind and stabs Rust, pulling him upwards into the sky, as if serving him up as a sacrificial object, to which Rust head butts him to the point of making him dizzy.

1394465266-truedetectiveformandvoid  tumblr_n28nxmqLaH1qf228po1_250

Marty comes from behind, Errol puts an ax through his chest and Rust manages to shoot him dead. This was a really interesting scnee, they both lay bleeding and Marty holds Rust. The culmination of their hard work is at hand and they were willing to almost die for it.

The last act of the show is them at the hospital, they both live, but Rust says that he shouldn’t have made it. He tells Marty, that he felt his daughter and his father, as he was sinking into death, he had accepted it and let go, yet he didn’t die. Now he believes in God, in an afterlife, someone who for so long seemed to believe in nothing. In the darkness he felt comforted and love.

tumblr_n28zuf64IY1rjh2ymo5_250 tumblr_n28zuf64IY1rjh2ymo7_250

He sits there in his wheelchair, pontificating that he saw Errol before, and he missed it. That’s Rust and he is never going to change.

That is the gist of this show, there will always be a constant dichotomy between love and evil. The eternal fight that has been going on since the dawn of time and it will continue to go on, until the end of time.

The show left us with unanswered questions and a lot of questions as to why some issues were even brought up in the show. Yet it doesn’t matter, the show took us through twists and turns and ultimately led us to the killer being killed. The show took us along through the cat and mouse chase and we liked it, we can’t diss on the creators for doing that to us. Killers get executed in prison everyday, yet crime still exists. Errol paid for his crimes, he died and Marty and Rust will remain heroes, yet crime will continue to pervade society and I am sure that is where we will end up next season. It will be a new city, a new killer and heroes who will stand the test of time. The story like the underlining meaning of the show, will be told over and over again.



The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 8: One Word, EPIC

The Walking Dead
Mid-Season Finale
Season 4, Episode 8
This past Sunday night’s episode, “Too Far Gone,” was probably the most explosive, stressful, frightening and water-cooler worthy episode thus far on the show ever. I must have cried myself to sleep and it took me a few days to even bring myself to write about it.

For the past two episodes, the story has been primarily focused on the Governor and his new team. Compromised of his new faux family and Martinez’ old camp. At one point, we even began to feel for the Governor and see him have real feelings, but slowly and surely his true evil side came back and there was no room in our hearts for sympathy.

He instructed his new team, that they would be taking over the prison, as it would provide a good place to set up camp and have a safer shelter than their make shift RV homes. It was evident that some, like Lilly’s sister Tara, didn’t one hundred percent agree with this decision. In reality neither she, nor anyone else had a choice in this matter. They would have to join him in his fight or else there would be no place for them.

The Governor tells the team that these people who live at the prison are evil and murderous; in fact he says they killed his daughter. This only furthers to drive the cause, armed and ready they take stance outside the prison fence.


Meanwhile brewing inside, Rick talks to Daryl about the Carol incident and it is obvious that Daryl is not happy about this and wants to confront Tyrese about it as well. When they go to see Tyrese, he has stumbled upon some type of weird rat hole that he assumes was done by whoever killed his GF. Oh boy, but really this is not even an issue, they have bigger fish to fry.

All of a sudden, a boom goes off outside and the Governor confronts Rick and gives him his ultimatum. OK here’s the clincher, he found Herschel and Michonne outside and took them hostage. He makes them kneel, guns to their heads, in front of the gate to coerce Rick into buying into his plan. He tells them that they have the choice to leave that night or they will come in and kill everyone the next day.

Rick tries to reason with him as much as he can, tells him they can live together. Yes, they have had their issues in the past, but they can do it this time and everyone can be safe.


Back at home base, Lilly and Meghan have settled in by the river bank, where the Governor said that no walkers would harm them because they do not like water. To which Lilly says, “hey why don’t we just live by the water,” but the Governor goes around her question. Really if it was that easy everyone would be living by the water, that’s what I kept thinking. Lilly sits on top of the RV like Dale from previous seasons, watching for walkers, she sees one and guess what it starts to cross the water.

The whole time I was sitting there pissing my pants because Meghan was on the ground playing in the mud making mud pies. Woman! Get your butt off the RV and go get your kid. It reminded me of Brody in Mallrats, “Lady get your kid off the escalator, do you know how many kids die every year from escalator accidents.” Seriously, instead of watching Meghan, she was too engrossed into realizing that the Governor is a liar. The walkers can “swim” or whatever it is, waddle, float across the water. They are not safe.

All of a sudden a walker’s hand comes through the mud and gets Meghan. OMG OMG. Seriously another child dying on this show, I was so devastated and really Lilly is an idiot. In one sense, she reminded me a lot of Carol, weak, naïve and now has a lot a daughter just like her.

Meanwhile back at the prison, Rick continues to try to talk sense into the Governor. He tells the team he has brought, “Is this what you want, to kill us all”. He knows that these people are being manipulated; he saw what happened at Woodbury and knows it can happen to them too.

In the background, Daryl, Maggie, Bob and the gang are working on handing out guns, gathering ammo and telling everyone that when in doubt get on the school bus. The bus will leave at a moment’s notice and it will be the only salvation for some, especially the young and weak, like Glen unfortunately.

The standoff continues, the Governor is now going ballistic, he is seeing red and grabs Michonne’s sword. He gets it ready and props it up to Herschel’s neck. At this point, I think I blacked out; I was losing it, my husband was telling me to calm the F down. Just then Herschel gets killed. His death reminded me of Ned Stark’s on Game of Thrones. It had the aspect of for one, killing off a beloved character in an unexpected way and secondly, it was done in the graces of a medieval style execution. Part Game of Thrones meets the Tudor’s Anne Boleyn.


I am still sitting here reeling over his death. My sister was crying so loud, my mom called the next day to ask what the hell are you guys watching? LOL. Yes, that is the Walking Dead obsessed world we live in now.

Back to the episode at hand, after his death, that was it, all hell broketh lose at the prison. Everyone starts shooting, people start dying like flies and of course the walkers start to come out of every corner. At one point, Daryl throws a grenade into the tank, boom, down another person just like that. I need to write a letter to the TWD writers, please, please do not kill off Daryl.

My favorite scene though, hands down, is Lizzie saving Tyrese’s butt. How ironic? She was the one who killed his GF to save the team and now her knowledge that she has passed down is saving his ass.


Instead of fleeing to the bus with the rest of the kids, Lizzie tells her sister, “we have to fight like Carol taught us and not be afraid,” and she gathers her wits and starts to battle with the adults. Tara’s lesbian lover is about to kill Tyrese, when Lizzie comes out of nowhere and shoots her in the face. Not only was she a great shot, she has now become the most bad ass kid ever.

The Governor proceeds to rip Herschel’s head off his body, this prompts Rick to attack him. The two of them fight it out, literally to the point where the Governor almost beats up Rick to death. Michonne being the smart cookie that she is, frees herself and with her trusty sword in hand and stabs the Governor in the heart. HALLELUJAH. I think I heard church bells ringing in the background. Ding, Dong, the wicked witch is dead!


At this point, Lilly has come back, Meghan is dead and she is alone with the Governor who is dying. She grabs her gun and shoots him, did she do this to put him out of his misery or did she finally realize who he was? I think that she realized he was an evil person who had been lying to her this whole time and using her as a pawn in his game of destruction to rule the camp. Maybe she too, like Carol, will transform into a heartless, bad ass bitch. Here’s to hoping that it happens.

The bus then proceeds to take off and few are left at the prison. Karl finds Rick and they find baby Judith’s car seat laying in the middle filled with blood. Is she really gone or did someone take her on the bus?


Honestly, as much as I was depressed about this episode, it was great writing because a show like The Walking Dead, cannot pussy foot around an issue, they have to deal with it head on, no pun intended, and show us that living an apocalyptic world makes people go crazy and live on edge. There are no safe walls; no prison is high enough for people to stay safe in this world.

Now, we must wait a few months until we find out what will happen next. I really do not know how we fans will get through this tough time. All we can do is mourn the death of Herschel and Meghan.

Herschel was a good man, a father, a friend, a confidant and a savior to many. He will be missed, but never forgotten. RIP Herschel.

So I guess Tuesday, spaghetti nights are off the table?




Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 8: Stress Cases

Homeland Recap
Season 3, Episode 8
HOMELAND (Season 3)
This week’s episode of “A red wheelbarrow,” showed us that a) Carrie really is pregnant b) Brody is still alive and c) Saul needs love.

Since I have been watching this show, Saul has always seemed distant and emotionless, but in this episode he seems to have gotten his mojo back. After admitting to the House Chief of Staff that he has sent Javadi back to Iran as asset, a coup for Americans, to which the Chief applauded him, he is relieved and happy that his plan worked. Mira realizes that she wants to be back with him and rekindle their marriage. He brings her breakfast in bed, everything seems great and then he tells her he has to leave for a quick trip.

She realizes he’s doing it again. Choosing his work and making it a priority over their marriage. Cue her back-up plan boy, Bernard, who slyly enters their home and we see that he is up to something when he tries to put a USB stick in the computer and replace their mouse. What is he up to and who is working for? Mira fell for this crap and now things are going to get real ugly.

Episode 308

Carrie finally goes to a doctor to get an ultra sound of the baby. She seems to be in total denial of the pregnancy and the doctor warns her that she must learn to stress less.

Is Carrie capable of not being a stress case? Come on now, that is what she does best.

She is hell bent on proving that Brody was not part of the terrorist plan at Langely. The group believes they have the man who drove the car, but Peter Franklin is there to literally shut him up with his silencer. Carrie is told to stand down, but she refuses and Quinn has to shoot her in the arm to get her to stop.


Bleeding and in pain her stress level has definitely not abated.

Saul finally arrives at his destination, he gets out of the car and we see that he is in Venezuela. The man takes him to recover Brody, who is laying in what appears to be a stinky mess and used up needles. He looks like the broken down, POW Brody that we met in the first season.

Once he is back in the states how will he handle the news of being a father? How will the CIA handle that mess or take that? Is that even allowed and is there anything they can do about it? I was glad to see Brody back on screen, for a moment I thought they had kicked him off the show. Looking forward to see how this will play out for all involved and if Saul will finally get the happy ending he deserves.