The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 6: Hot on the Hunt

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 6

This past week’s episode was another one solely focused on a few members of the gang. This time, we see where Carol and Daryl took off to and how Carol came to land in the hospital where Beth is currently located. The majority of the episode was the untangling and unearthing of what both Carol and Daryl  have become. Before they met, they were each different people, Carol an abused mother, and Daryl a low-level redneck with not much to his name. Now after everything they have been through, they have both matured in different ways, becoming stronger and more empowered and most importantly their self worth has grown.

At this point in the apocalypse we see that Carol has become hardened and doesn’t believe in God much anymore, let alone humanity. This struggle of believing in yourself and the goodness of other people was the basis of the episode. At times I felt this one was a bit slower, but I am sure that these types of episodes are strategically placed in order for us to see some character growth. Especially since Carol and Daryl are two of the most popular characters at the moment.

Let’s talk about what happened this week.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 5: Army of Abraham

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 5

Sorry guys I am a little late on my recap. This past week’s episode was another one focused on the character development of one part of the group, mainly Abraham and Eugene. Thus far, all we really know about them is that they have traveled from Houston to Georgia and are on their way to Washington, where they plan on delivering Eugene who has the cure for all that is ailing the world. From day one, we have all been seriously suspicious of Eugene, he doesn’t give much info about the cure and keeps on saying it is classified information. Abraham appears to be the type of guy we can trust, he doesn’t seem like someone who would just fight for anyone. Not many have really questioned them or tried to call their bluff, I mean would you? Abraham is a force to be reckoned with and has been so set on going to Washington and really the crew hasn’t had time to dissect their story with everything that has been happening. If you remember from the Bob episode, Glenn, Maggie and Tara agreed to travel with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita to Washington and agreed the rest would catch up to them later.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what happened.


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Mad Men Recap: Season 7, Episode 5: Those Crazy Free Lovin’ Hippies

Mad Men Recap
Season 7, Episode 5

This week’s episode, “The Runaways,” brings us to the point where Don is now working back in the office and dealing with all the issues that are going on and trying to fit back into the SC&P world. One that is changing and moving forward, yet at the same time very stuck in its old ways and patterns. A lot of small, nuanced points were made during this episode, for one the computer is an evident way forward with the company yet many people are afraid of this change see Ginsberg, women are still seen as trophys not as having a brain see Betty, free love in the sixties is alive see Megan, and some are just plain old school and they ride the wave of change on their terms see Don. Together this was a wonderfully odd, yet intriguing episode that painted the picture of the time period so well and gave us a deeper look yet again into the world that Don Draper inhabits.

What shall we drink during this recap? I suggest a cup of coffee because it was a heck of a long night for Don and pals.


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Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 5: Let the New Order Begin

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 5

This week’s episode, “First of His Name,” gave us a little bit of almost everyone, excluding probably Stannis and his peeps (sorry Sati) and divulged a little more on topics that I am sure are going to be even bigger in this series. We are seeing the beginning of Daenerys establishing and sinking her teeth into the role of Queen, Jon is slowly morphing into becoming more of a leader and Arya is truly growing up to be more of a warrior then a fancy teenage girl. I could not get what Anna told me last week about Sansa out of my head, “Leave Sansa alone, ” in that Chris Crocker aka the guy who was obsessed with Britney Spears during her melt down voice. Loved this episode, I am never disappointed and hopefully my book friends were happy too.

Let’s talk about what happened, shall we?



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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 5: Eye Patches and Spaghetti

The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4: Episode 5


This week’s episode, “Internment”, showed us that a few pieces of lumber aren’t enough to hold down a wire fence and that Herschel really wants some spaghetti.

Herschel has been selflessly and somewhat naively helping out the sick. He makes his rounds with his medicinal tea and the occasional IV or chest pump for those that need it the most. Is he stupid for doing this or is he doing what he has always done as a medical professional? It’s in his nature to do so, but the question still remains why hasn’t this old man gotten sick yet?

In order to keep Glenn and Sasha’s mind off things, he tells them that he wants to implement spaghetti nights on Tuesdays, if they can find some. The days of sitting around the table, enjoying dinner together, even like he did on the farm with his hoard of walkers in the barn, are distant memories at best.

Herschel quotes John Steinbeck and says “A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ, “he knows that he must keep up some optimism in this dismal camp or more people will lose hope.

We see that Herschel in a sense is the patriarch of the clan, the rock that is steady and can be counted on. Just like Steinbeck set out to rewrite the world he saw, Hershel too looks to envision the world he now lives in.

Carl also hinted that he has not had the sickness and most likely will not. Do some people have an immunity built in for some reason? The question still remains on that or I may be just looking into it too much.

Rick tells Maggie about how he left Carol and she agrees with his decision. After everything she has done for everyone, Maggie can’t find it in her heart to even care. More and more the characters we saw as still having a heart are losing that bit of familial love.

Inside the cells, madness ensues as the sickly start to turn. Lizzie saves Glenn from the newly turned zombie by luring him away and calling for him like a sad little puppy. When he lunges for her, Herschel saves her by throwing him over, but realizes that the zombie still has the chest pump stuck to his body. A gripping fight erupts and Maggie busts in a la Terminator style and shoots him dead.


Herschel gets the pump and starts to use it on Glenn. Maggie cradles him in her arms and we can only hope at this point that the medicine will save him. I nearly started crying when I saw this; I really do not want Glenn to go away. We have grown close to him, just like Carol leaving the troop made me upset, seeing Glenn nearly die was heart breaking.

Meanwhile, Rick calls for Carl’s help to reinforce the fence. To no avail, the zombies push and the fence is coming down. They gather their ammo and guns and they duke it out father and son style against the zombies. Carl saves Rick’s life and he no longer has to ask permission to kill zombies.


Carl is shaping up to be a leader, one that can outlive the whole bunch with his skills. As much as I thought Carl was annoying in the beginning, especially wearing his dad’s stupid hat, he is becoming more likable and I can see him having to make the decisions his dad can’t make. Does this mean Rick will send him off in a Subaru filled with supplies, like he did Carol?

The mini-van rolls up and the crew comes back with the medicine. Immediately, Daryl asks where Carol is and Herschel tells him to go talk to Rick. Like I said before, this will not go over well with Daryl. I doubt that he will step back and let this ride out.

In true Walking Dead fashion, the last scene shows us that someone is watching the camp from afar. The governor is back and he means business.


Will Michonne and the Governor each get their respectful revenges? Will Daryl go cray on Rick? Is Carl the one to watch?