The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 1

I have been missing doing my recaps since Game of Thrones ended a while ago, but thank goodness The Walking Dead is back and this is a perfect one to get the conversation going again. So what happened last season? Let’s do a quick recap, the gang was last seen in Terminus, that sanctuary that was supposed to be joyful and safe, turned out to be pretty scary and was starting to look like a camp for cannibals instead. Rick and the whole gang  minus Carol, Tyrese and baby Judith, were stuck inside a storage container and locked up from the world. All of the TWD fans have been waiting patiently and seeing so many clips about what was upcoming and the excitement to start the season was intense. The producers and writers of the show are so smart and really know how to build that drama and get the world talking about their show.

Let’s get started and talk about all the fun stuff that went down.


First off, we find out that the people who are killing people now at Terminus, that weird lady and those hipster dudes, they were originally being beat up and tortured by people who invaded their camp. They took it upon themselves to fight back and to run things a little dirtier, so as to never be abused again. Rick, Glen and Daryl are all up for the next batch of throat slicing. Apparently they slice people’s throats, sort of like chickens when they are about to be slaughtered, the blood then pours through a trough and the people then get sliced and diced for their next meal. Oh doesn’t that sound lovely?!

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When it comes to Glen’s turn, Rick begs him to stop, but not without throwing in a dig, that he will kill him one day. Ohh you go Rick! All of a sudden as it is about to go down, a boom is heard rattling the camp.

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On the outside Carol and Tyrese are debating walking into Terminus, Carol being the seasoned apocalypse survivor that she is, says she will check out the scene from the outside first. All of a sudden they come upon a Terminus guy who is about to set off fireworks, they capture him and Tyrese and the baby stay in a nearby cabin while Carol goes to check out what is going on at Terminus. First she puts zombie blood and guts on herself, so she can go undetected. From the fence she can see something is not right and knows her peeps are in trouble down there. She decides to shoot a firework straight at an oil tank. Then it happens, boom, just like that chaos ensues.

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She goes down to Terminus and blends in with the zombie folk. Then she runs into that lady from last season who was grilling the meat. The two of them get into a brawl and of course Carol wins and she leaves her there to rot and get eaten by the zombies. When the boom goes off, Rick seizes the moment and kills the two guys who were about to butcher them. From there the boys go full on TWD style and start killing zombies, Terminus jerk offs and plot their way to the storage container to free their family.

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Inside the storage container, our fave folks have no idea what is going on outside. They try to get info from the scientist Eugene as to what the cure is to save the world. In more words than one, he basically says it has to be him who delivers the cure, only he really knows the answer. Ummmm…. thanks, I guess.


Meanwhile back at the cabin, Tyrese starts to talk with their prisoner. The prisoner assesses him and tells him that he looks like a nice guy, the type who hasn’t had to kill many people. He is a cynical jerk and in the ruckus of the boom he gets free. He grabs Judith’s head and threatens to kill her. “Just one snap,” he says is all it takes. Tyrese goes full on cray cray killer mode and kills the dude to save the baby.

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Back at the camp, Rick is able to free everyone and they get the hell out of dodge. They find Carol and it is the moment we have all been waiting for, Rick who had so much animosity towards Carol, must thank her for saving him and Daryl is finally reunited with his BFF. The team is back together, hooray! Now they just have to find Beth and bring back Hershel and all will be well in the TWD world.

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Carol tells them to follow her and finally Rick and Carl are reunited with baby Judith. Aww isn’t that all sweet? Well we know it can’t stay this serene for long, we will have to wait until next week to see how the gang survives.


The very last scene leaves with a shot of our old friend Morgan, who is still alive and has gone rogue. Now is he good or bad, we will have to wait to find that out. Where will they live now? Will they find Beth? So many questions. Did you guys watch the premiere, if so did it live up to your expectations?

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