June brought to an end a lot of my favorite shows, like Game of Thrones and Orphan Black and in between the month there was a lull with nothing new and fun to watch. I try to catch up on shows all the time, so when there is nothing to watch it feels like I have to resort to things of yesteryear like reading, talking to people and going outside. OMG the craziness of that, can you guys imagine?! All kidding aside, there was a few things I was loving last month, let’s check it out.


1. Orange is the New Black, Season 2
If you haven’t binged watched it already, then you are probably not human. The minute this was released on Netflix, I polished it off in a few days. Much to my husband’s demise, he absolutely hated the show and said it was a show about prison made for chicks. To which I told him to just shut up and watch the show. Yes, he has a point, a lot of what happens on the show is intended I believe for women. I mean at one point, I think one of the inmates was reading The Fault in Our Stars. Sometimes being in prison there almost seems fun. LOL.

This season dove into the other inmates’ lives much more than Season 1. Piper’s story and her struggles almost played second fiddle to Red, Taystee and the new kid on the block Vee. I really enjoyed seeing Miss Rosa’s story come to life and how she ended up in jail and what a bad ass she used to be when she robbed banks. I have to say I missed seeing Alex Vause and her relationship with Piper, Alex is super sexy and manipulative and I wish they had given her more scenes. Overall, it was a pretty good season, not the best show out there, but definitely fun to watch.

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2. Ladies of London
If you know me, then you know I am a reality housewives addict. Bravo aired the new Ladies of London, which is essentially, the Real Housewives in London. Come on Bravo, don’t hide the fact that this is a housewives show. This time the cast is half Americans living in England and half real Brits and this is where the division and arguments ensue. I know it is mindless and stupid, but I love seeing the fashions and the cool little places in London that they go to when they hang out. In one episode, they go to a castle and you can just imagine all the improper things they did and said there. My fave housewife is definitely Caroline Stanbury, she is totes crazy and bitchy! Does anyone who lives in the UK, know who these women are? As in are they pseudo-celebrities over there?

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3. The Goldbergs
I have mentioned it before I love, love The Goldbergs on ABC. I definitely am loving this show more than Modern Family, which in my opinion has gone downhill over this past year. At this point, every joke is the same on there and the family is a caricature of itself. I have been watching all the reruns of The Goldbergs when there is nothing to watch and I never regret re-watching an episode. The hijinks the family gets into is super funny and just watching the show brings back memories of the 80’s. From the furniture, to the toys they play with, think Rubik’s cube and Simon, and all the 80’s movies that are mentioned like Ghostbusters, Poltergeist and Star Wars, if you grew up in this era then it is bound to make you nostalgic.

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That’s all for now folks, July brings with it lots of new shows. Here’s some OITNB pics that I thought were funny.

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