Hey kids out there in blog land! Quick update, last week was really busy and this past month has felt like I haven’t had enough time to write, sleep or feel normal. This has caused me to be in a bit of a funk, so as of today I am trying to get back on track and get back to my usual writing routine. I really hate when that happens! To kick off the month in a positive note, I figured I’d put up this award I was nominated for, since it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The wonderful Ruth over at Flix Chatter nominated me and I just love her blog to pieces, so thank you Miss Toby Stephens!

tumblr_n4cqj44BL01ssq8dpo1_500 (4 Ruth’s eyes only – Hands off women!)


These are the rules for the award:
1.Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog.
2.Make your own fifteen nominations and tell them they have been nominated
3.Offer up seven interesting facts about yourself

My nominations are below, if you have already been nominated then I do apologize peeps. Hopefully I can introduce you to some different bloggers out there!

1.Merrissa – Rad Maverix
2.Drew – Labyrinthwrm
3.Raul – The Movi3 Lounge
4.Elina – Films and Coke
5.V – Verbal Spew
6.Victoria – Living Disrobed
7.Sofia – Film Flare
8.The Butcher – Pundit From Another Planet
9.Mesh – Mesh The Movie Freak
10.Mark – Movie Man Jackson
11.Natalie – Writer Loves Movies
12.Smash – Smashing Through Life
13.Samantha – Adventures In Glam Land
14.Amynicolaox – Heiress-ox
15.Damian Thomas – Damian Thomas Films Etc

Here are my 7 fun facts. I really hate talking about myself, so please don’t throw tomatoes at my head! I figured I’d add some non-movie stuff in too, enjoy.

1. I listen to Howard Stern as much as possible. I have been listening ever since I was a kid, I probably shouldn’t have, but I did because my mom was a fan too. Whenever someone finds out that I have this love for Howard they either look at me cross-eyed or I find out they are closet super fans too. BaBa Booey!


2. I dislike, no I abhor ranch dressing. If I see it, smell it or it even comes near me I run in disgust. People who know me well, know this is my Achilles heel and have used it against me. This one time… no not at band camp… I was pretty wasted and my cousin offered me a piece of pizza with tons of ranch dressing hidden under the cheese, I ate the whole thing and then proceeded to have a really bad night. Umm.. yeah.

3. I absolutely love Larry David, I would marry him if I could. Wait I take it back, Jon Hamm, yes, hmmm yes he would be my first choice. Or Leonardo DiCaprio. Or Alexander Skarsgard. I have a problem with decision making is it obvious?!

tumblr_muca9hFyXE1r0e42eo1_250  tumblr_muca9hFyXE1r0e42eo3_250

4.  The movies I can watch on a loop and never get bored are Pulp Fiction, Office Space and Goodfellas.


5. One of the first movies I remember loving was Once Upon A Time In America. It also introduced me to the world of Robert De Niro, even though I was a kid I knew there was something fascinating about him.

6. Another thing I have been obsessed with since childhood is Madonna. Yes don’t laugh at me, seriously I die, she is my Beyoncé girl!

7. I buy way too much makeup (MAC baby) and shoes, I am a girly girl at heart and it’s a problem that may require an intervention. If anyone ever needs a makeup tip, just holla!