Mad Men Recap
Season 7, Episode 4

This week’s episode, “Monolith,” once again faced Don with humiliation and defeat at the one place he used to reign as King of the ad world. It is clear that SC&P does not want him there, but there is nothing they can do about it and they have to put him to work at some point. Another aspect that this episode touched upon was the topic of the future, what is the future of the ad agency, Don, Peggy, etc? Speaking of the future, the show centered on the installment of a large computer system in what was once the creative room. This massive computer is the monolith in one sense because it stands as a symbol, the future is moving on with or without them and in a sense with or without Don’s involvement as well. At one point, Bert Cooper mentioned that he believed Don thought when he left they would not be able to go on without his presence and he says that is not true, they managed just fine.

Let’s open up a can of refreshing Coca-Cola, with vodka of course and talk about what happened.

tumblr_n54t62tF9b1qz9iejo1_500 (Wave of the Future)


In LA, Pete runs into an old colleague who works with his ex-father-in-law and finds out that Burger Chef is looking for a new ad agency to run their campaigns. Pete nabs the campaign and sets the ball rolling in NYC. Lou decides to put Peggy and gives her an incentive out of the blue of a $100 a week raise. She can have anyone on her team that she likes, but she must also take on Don. Peggy commiserates with Joan and now it is the women drinking in their offices and making the big decisions.

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The roles have reversed and Don must answer to Peggy and let me tell you, he doesn’t like it one bit. He refuses to do her 25 tag lines for Burger Chef and goes back to his office pissed to all hell.


Don sits in his office and decides to play solitaire instead of actually work on his task. Screw Peggy and screw SC&P is his whole mentality.

tumblr_n54dhrCgLv1rylr5to1_500  (So BUSY!)

The buzz of the day is the installment of a new IBM computer system into the creative room. Of course the creative kids are annoyed and do not understand that one day all creative will be done on a computer and the pencil and sketch pad will be a thing of the past.


Don talks to the owner of the company, Lloyd, as they share cigarettes and talk, he sees that his company has a stone in the ground with something that he knows will be huge. The computer market has not been cornered and Don thinks it would be great to take him on as a client. He brings the idea up to Bert who insists he has no say around the agency and pushes him away.


Disgruntled and annoyed, he grabs a bottle of vodka from Roger’s office, puts it under his coat and takes it to his desk. He empties out his retro Coca-Cola can and fills it with vodka, he drinks it up to his heart’s content.


In a drunken stupor, calls Freddy and tells him to pick up so they can go to a Mets game together. Now Don is slurring and acting a fool, uh oh! He goes up to IBM Lloyd and starts saying nasty comments to him, but luckily Freddy is able to get him off the ledge and out the door.

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Back at home, Freddy gives him a lecture and tells him if he continues like this, he is basically doing exactly what they want him to do which is to fail miserably. He tells him the only way to win in this battle is to beat them at their own game.

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Don goes back to the office with a renewed sense of vigor and sits down to his typewriter and delivers the tag lines to Peggy. Done! Bam Bitches!


Every Mad Men fan out there wants Don to succeed, shoot every American loves an underdog and a comeback story and we all want to Don to show SC&P that he is still “Don Draper.” He has the skills to prove it, we just have to hope he stays off the bottle long enough to show them how it is done.

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