April went by so fast and to continue what I started last month, I want to again divulge my TV favorites of the month. I know not everyone is as interested in TV as movies around here, but hey if anything I can save you a lot of time and effort by watching and discussing them for you guys. I won’t mention Game of Thrones and Mad Men on here because those are obvious choices that will carry on every month till they are over, this is dedicated to everything else on TV.


1. Mr. Selfridge, Season 2
I absolutely love this show and I think I am the only person who watches this out there. I love Downton Abbey, so it is no shocker that I like these types of period shows. The show is about the British store Selfridges, last season was the story of how it begun and this year is more focused on the running of the store and how World War I is affecting them. I love watching the decorum of that era, the costumes and the characters are emotionally captivating. Jeremy Piven plays the lead role and he is so great, such a different role for him, but he pulls it off. I have to say my husband and I usually watch everything together, he’s a fellow movie/TV freak too, but this one, he cannot handle. He wants more sex and action LOL, so be forewarned if that is what you want, this show has neither.

selfridge2  tumblr_n4ki1ikP7P1sdm8obo1_500

2. Hannibal, Season 2
I let a lot of these episodes just back up on my DVR last month, so over the past 2 weekends, I binged watch the whole thing. The show is centered around Will Graham played by Hugh Dancy, a criminal profiler with gifts that are beyond reason and the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter played by the gorgeous Mads Mikkelsen, who assists the FBI team in more ways than one in finding criminals. The show is exciting, creepy at times and visually stunning. Every episode features a rich color scheme that matches the blood that is shed. If you haven’t checked this out and you like crime dramas, then you may enjoy this.

tumblr_n50do8qYV51rvtlumo2_250  tumblr_n50do8qYV51rvtlumo1_250

3. The Real Housewives of NYC
I hope no one throws tomatoes at me for this one, but I have to admit this is one of my guilty pleasures. When I feel like not thinking about life and want to decompress, this is my fave thing to do, watch my girls get crazy and fight. NYC though is one of my faves, these ladies are insane and never hold back on how they feel. Personal fave is Carole Radziwill, she rules and Aviva Drescher is such a BITCH! I am totes team Carol!

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4. Scandal, Season 2
Ok, I got totally behind on this and now that I just got Netflix streaming, I have been able to catch up. I probably spent half of April binging on this show, hello there is 22 episodes per season, no time to have a real life! But regardless, this show is entertaining and watching Olivia Pope and the President get steamy together is so awesome. Bonus the soundtrack is always great and Olivia’s outfits are to die for! Unfortunately, I have to wait for like ever for Season 3 to come on.


5. Vikings, Season 2
The History Channel has jumped on the bandwagon of providing original programming and this is one of their new hits. I have a thing for historical type shows, so this is perfect if you enjoy that type of stuff too. The show is centered around the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, played by the hottie Travis Fimmel and his adventures in becoming the baddest Viking that ever lived. The Vikings live their lives according to the Gods and it is interesting to see how their folklore is told. He has a crazy family, but who doesn’t, think a shield wielding ex-wife and a brother that is a bit unreliable at times. It has a lot of action and at times though can be corny and filled with one-liners, but still it is a fun watch. This may appeal to you guys out there.

tumblr_n4zyl5vFKm1qbtcqbo1_500  tumblr_n504v1S9qs1tvmg59o1_500  (Bloody and shirtless… nice!)