Hi Guys! I have been so sleep deprived and tired, so I apologize I am just posting this up. Plus my internet has been down almost all day, talk about a glorious Monday. The wonderful and sickeningly cool Cara over at Silver Screen Serenade hosted her April Fools Blogathon this month and here is my entry. Hope you guys enjoy!

Originally posted on SilverScreenSerenade:

Well, here it is, guys–the last guest list. *sniffle* So that’s the sad news. Here’s the great news: the hilarious Melissa from Snap Crackle Watch! is here to share that list. Have you been to Melissa’s site? She cracks me up with film reviews and TV recaps (particularly her Game of Thrones ones…pure gold). Be sure to follow her! Anywho, Melissa is here to share some of her favorite April Fools, so let’s check out her choices!

I do love a good list so here is my go at my top 5 TV fools.

1. Homer from The Simpsons
Remember that episode where… I mean really that is how you can start any conversation about Homer. That time he kept saying I am so smart, SMRT or when he got that bird toy to do his work at the factory. Homer is the epitome of a loveable fool. His sage advice transcends generations, I mean who doesn’t love Homer?!

homer-1  homer-2

2. Buster Bluth from Arrested Development
Tony Hale, well this man can play the hell out of the fool part for any show. As Buster he is attached to his mother and unlike his brothers and family he shies away from their nastiness and will do anything for his mom, basically he is her personal assistant. Shoulder rubs and getting tucked in at night, now that’s his type of fun. Close second is his character of Gary in Veep. Anything Selena wants or needs he has, he loves her unconditionally just like his mommy, see a trend here.


3. Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers
He was the loveable foreign guy living in Chicago with his supposed American cousin. He was a total goof and got every American slang term wrong. He was literally the poster child for foolishness in the late 80s.

balki-b  balki-b2

4. Kelly from Married with Children
She was the offspring of Al and Peggy need I say more. Kelly was a complete airhead, remember when she had to look at the name of the car she was trying to model for.. this is the new…. Allante. Glancing at her hand the whole time. She tried so hard though sometimes to be smart, poor Kelly.

kelly-gif  kelly-mwc-2

5. Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Danny Devito plays Frank, the father of Dee and Dennis and the proprietor of the weirdest, seediest bar in Philly. The hijinks he gets himself and the gang into are hilarious and the way the Devito plays this character is genius. He has a certain lack of narcissism and is willing to take his character to any level. I have to admit he is probably my favorite on this list.

frank-its-always-sunny frank-its-always-sunny-2