10 Reasons I Love Game of Thrones

Now that The Walking Dead is going to be over soon, my anxiety on Sunday nights will be relieved by watching Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched it I suggest you binge watch it till your eyes bleed, once it is over you will thank me for that suggestion. Now wipe away those red tears and get ready for Season 4 which starts on April 6th.

I am super excited and gearing up for the GOT fandom to kick off. Discussions and hear say galore will commence just like TWD. I haven’t read the books, so I am even more excited because I have no clue what will happen. All I know is that book 3 was split up into seasons 3 and 4, which tells me that so much happened in that novel that it had be cut into separate seasons. Just knowing that makes me scared and my stomach turn just thinking about what the hell could happen.

Here is my superfluous list as to why I love Game of Thrones so damn much and why I am excited for it to start back up.


1. Two words, Daenerys Targaryen. She is the proverbial shit and I cannot wait to see her take down everyone who is sitting pretty in her kingdom. Yes we are talking to you evil Lannisters.

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2. Little girls are made up of sugar and spice, but not Arya Stark. She is going to pissed as hell after what happened to her mother and brother, revenge is hers for the taking. Do it girl!


3. Although Tyrion Lannister is an imp and a Lannister, I still love him and want to see him take down Joffrey, that little prick.


4. I love to hate the Lannisters. What what! Haters gonna hate!

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5. Because I am a girl and I love Jon Snow.

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6. I love the fact that we have watched the Stark kids grow up right in front of our eyes.


7. The chemistry and odd sexual tension between Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth.

tumblr_n2t4nauVzb1qgfbkmo2_250 What is going on under that dirty, dirty water?!

8. Khaleesi’s dragons are all growned up now and ready to do some damage.

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9. That moment when Joffrey Baratheon will realize that his uncle is really his dad.


10. Because George RR Martin is one sick man who loves messing with my emotions.

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