Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 3: High Sparrow

We are on episode 3 now of Game of Thrones and the plot lines are slowly being laid down. There will be many big moments this season and the build-up to them is already palpable. I believe this season is going to deviate much more than any other from the books. With Season 5, we are now seeing the actors themselves grow up into young women and men and it is a bit daunting, but that just goes to show you how much we have grown up with them. Also, this season brings the most changes, Arya is no longer the little girl from Winterfell, Sansa is not scared of anyone anymore and Jon Snow has shown us how much he has grown up to be like the Starks. He is loyal, trust-worthy and will always do what he believes is right for the people.

This post is a little longer because I want to explain some of these new places to you guys.

Let’s discuss all the good stuff that happened on the episode.


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Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 1: The Wars to Come

After waiting for what felt like centuries, eons, a billion days, Game of Thrones finally returned to television. Season 5 premiered this past weekend with the first episode titled, “The Wars to Come,” if that doesn’t sound ominous enough, I don’t know what does. It started off right where we left off and primed us with the idea that things are changing in the Seven Kingdoms. Is it just  me or does it seem like an hour just doesn’t feel like enough? First things first we need to understand that at this point in the show, the storylines are now becoming very complex for each character. Also, new characters will be coming up,  which will only further add to the medley of stories.

Really quick let me recap where we left off last season. Tyrion escaped and is on a new voyage with Varys somewhere far off. Jamie and Cersei now have a different dynamic and she wants justice for her father’s death, which means she really wants to catch Tyrion. Daenerys Targaryen is still in Mereen and has established herself as the Queen. She kicked Jorah Mormont out and now has a new small council. Her dragons have also been locked up, all except for Drogon who is nowhere to be seen.

Arya is in Bravos, Sansa is with Littlefinger hiding out as Alayne and Bran is out in the woods with his crew.  Jon Snow is still at Castle Black, along with some wildlings and Stannis and his people. Pod and Brienne are still out searching for Sansa and last season she killed the Hound. Roose Bolton is with his son Ramsay and they are off looking to claim the North for good and Reek is there with them.

Ok that was a lot! Let’s get on to discussing the episode.


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What Would Modern Movies And TV Shows Look Like On VHS?

I saw this the other day as I was perusing the internet and I thought I would share with you guys. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and when you went to rent a movie you would go through all the aisles looking at the VHS cases. Some movies you rented solely based on the cool cover. Nowadays, that has gone away and most people don’t even buy movies anymore, since you can just buy them and save them on your Amazon or Google account. The tactile sense of holding the movie in your hands and being excited to go home and watch it has gone away.


Do not fret though, artist Julien Knez created these VHS covers for April Fool’s Day. He posted on his site that he was a Parisian hipster who only watched movies on VHS. Too cool, I know some of my fellow 80’s lovers will enjoy these mock-ups.



The Walking Dead


Guardians of the Galaxy




Game of Thrones


The Grand Budapest Hotel


The Wolf of Wall Street


Breaking Bad










The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 16: When Chaos Erupts

Friends, TWD fans, we have finally come to an end with Season 5. This past season has taken us through many twists and turns. Some episodes were filled with blood and guts and some were filled with grief and sadness. We lost many of our good people this season too. I also realized this season that I think I like Rick more than Daryl now. Daryl is good, but Rick has become more complex and is no longer the good guy we always believed in.

As much as many of us rant and get annoyed with some of the episodes, I can admit that I still love this show. Regardless of what I am doing on Sundays, I will make time to watch this and that says something about it. Even if we watch it to pick it apart and make fun, it is still fun and better than many shows out there. I don’t there is something about this show that still reels me in like this one. What do you guys like the most about this series? Or have you completely given up on it?

Join Brian, Brad and I as we discuss what happened in the finale.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 15: Almost Exiled

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty exciting and fun to watch. I like when all hell breaks loose and our characters show their true colors. I have really been enjoying watching the change in Rick occur. Some people are either liking this or totally starting to hate Rick. The person who has always been the proverbial savior of this group. Now in Alexandria, he is almost becoming the pariah and someone they wouldn’t even consider as a leader anymore. I personally like seeing him become less of the good guy and the one to emulate. It’s time for him to show how this apocalypse has destroyed him and made him a different person. He has been through so much and still survived, but it has left him with many emotional scars that have not healed. Overall it was a good episode and there is only one left, so cheers to all for making it this far.

Brian and Brad have joined me again to discuss the episode.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 14: No One Is Safe

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty good. I know this is super late, I haven’t been at my desk or had time to write all week. I hate these kinds of weeks!!!! So things are heating up in Alexandria and it seems that they are on the verge of something crazy happening. Rick was busy scheming and it sounds like he is ready to pounce on Jessie and scoop her up. Carol is also ready to do some damage and it is obvious all of them are getting pretty bored there. Did you guys notice that Maggie has barely had scenes or lines so far? I wonder what is up with that? Maybe she is going to be killed off soon. My recap is a little different this time. I have interjected myself into Brad and Brian’s convo/rant about the show.

Let’s talk about the episode and discuss the details.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 13: Alexandria or Bust

Finally this last episode of The Walking Dead was pretty interesting. Still not the best or that exciting, it was somewhat of a filler, but it is getting better. Talk about weird, the whole episode was centered around the residents of Alexandria and how they pretend the zombie apocalypse barely exists versus the Grimes gang who can’t shake everything they have experienced on the outside. What I really enjoyed was  the new found bromance between Daryl and Aaron. Although Daryl is known to be one of the most bad ass characters, he does love a good friendship. I am also enjoying the clean cut Rick, seriously I think I have a new crush.

Throughout the recap you will get bits of Brian’s conversation with Brad regarding the show. This should be interesting!

BRIAN: So, I have an announcement to make…I am officially and permanently no longer watching this show. I came to this realization this week when I couldn’t muster up any interest whatsoever in having it on my TV screen. I just hate everything about it. Fortunately (only for the purposes of this recap) Brad is going to bravely slog through the end of the season, so we’ll be able to provide some back-and-forth vitriol.

BRAD: Yup. This season is the last for me. Definitely. The show just has ran its course. I know where this show needs to go and it’s taking its sweet ass sloppy time. Obviously Rick’s group will become the villains now at this peaceful community. The only other new plot-line they can attempt is the rebuilding stage where the Zombie apocalypse ends by a cure or whatever and humans need to rebuild but that sounds more boring than what the show is doing now. Even the zombie kills are so f***ing boring after 6 seasons I just don’t care anymore. I used to love the zombie subgenre; it was actually my favorite, but now I’m done with it

BRIAN: Why won’t they listen to you??? The only thing that may have been semi-interesting would have been to tell this current story from the perspective of the people who are already there, but that would mean a lot less screen time for the regular cast. Then at the end of the season, everyone dies horribly

Now let’s discuss what went down and talk about what is up with their new prison/farm/hospital/terminus.


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